Asterisk Configuration

The Asterisk configuration files are stored in the /mnt/kd/asterisk/ directory. As a convenience, /etc/asterisk/ is a symlink to the /mnt/kd/asterisk/ directory. Almost all of the configuration of Asterisk can be performed via the Edit tab in the web interface, or if you prefer use the CLI with vi or nano to edit the text configuration files.

AstLinux's design goals does not use the GUI-only/FreePBX-style Asterisk configuration. Rather, a more custom, hand crafted Asterisk configuration approach for a specific solution. The IP Phone Provisioning tools provided in AstLinux can eliminate much of the tedium when managing phone extensions.

Reference Manual: "Asterisk: The Definitive Guide"

Asterisk Project WiKi: About the Project

Tip -> Pure “Asterisk” questions are best to post to the general asterisk-users community mailing list and keep “AstLinux” related questions on the “astlinux-users” mailing list.

Edit tab: /etc/asterisk/sip.conf

Edit tab: /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

Asterisk Project WiKi: Asterisk Dialplan

For more advanced users, with several IP phones of the same type, it is very useful to provision the phones in a systematic fashion. Be sure you understand the basic operation of Asterisk before attempting any auto-provisioning.

Detailed Info -> IP Phone Provisioning Getting Started

Detailed Info -> IP Phone Mass Deployment

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