Convert AstLinux install files to Proxmox VE

Obsolete info with AstLinux 1.2.5 and later. Use the ISO Installer Image.

You can convert an astlinux-XX.img file to a Proxmox VE .qcow2 file and have a bootable system with a few simple steps.

  1. Download an AstLinux 'geni586' .img.gz file
  2. scp the image to /var/lib/vz/images/ on your Proxmox VE server
  3. Decompress the image using gunzip, yielding a .img file
  4. Use the qemu-img utility to resize the raw image (in this example to 4 GB)
  5. Use the qemu-img utility to convert the image to a .qcow2 virtual disk


gunzip astlinux-1.2.3-asterisk-11.18.0.img.gz

qemu-img resize astlinux-1.2.3-asterisk-11.18.0.img 4G

qemu-img convert -f raw astlinux-1.2.3-asterisk-11.18.0.img -O qcow2 astlinux.qcow2

Here is the complete manual of the qemu-img command.

  • Now simply create a new 32bit KVM virtual machine with an IDE or SATA disk, the Intel E1000 NIC and a kvm32 CPU.
  • Take note of the VM ID, copy or move the astlinux.qcow2 to /var/lib/vz/images/<VM ID>/ (it starts with 100).
  • Then either edit /etc/pve/local/qemu-server/<VM ID>.conf and change the name of ide0 to astlinux.qcow2.
    • or just overwrite the default disk with: cp astlinux.qcow2 100/vm-100-disk-1.qcow2

Start the AstLinux Virtual Machineā€¦

Finally, configure using the normal setup.

Note -> Testing was performed using Proxmox VE 3.1 on bare metal 1). Your mileage may vary testing Proxmox within another VM, for example VMware appears to work for evaluation purposes, but VirtualBox may have issues with the network bridge interface.

you need a 64bit CPU with VT-x or it will be really slow!
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