Switching Images between genx86_64 and genx86_64-vm

Beginning with AstLinux 1.3.0, you can do an upgrade-switch to/from genx86_64 and genx86_64-vm. This may be particularly useful with VMware installations that were originally deployed with the bare-metal genx86_64 (Video console) image, and with new features of AstLinux 1.3 you may want to switch to the VM-centric genx86_64-vm (Video console) image.

For a practical matter, this only applies to VMware installations, either KVM / Xen / Hyper-V require the genx86_64-vm image and should never be switched to genx86_64.

Info -> List of board types

Switching images requires using the CLI and SVN r8390 or later. You must see the trailing [32|64|vm] with the following:

pbx ~ # upgrade-run-image 
Usage: upgrade-run-image check|upgrade|show|revert firmware_repository_url [32|64|vm]

Example 1 - Currently using genx86_64, switch to genx86_64-vm:

upgrade-run-image check http://bla-bla.tld/beta-firmware-1.x vm
(if it looks good, then)
upgrade-run-image upgrade http://bla-bla.tld/beta-firmware-1.x vm

Example 2 - Currently using genx86_64-vm image, switch to genx86_64: (be certain you want to do this)

upgrade-run-image check http://bla-bla.tld/beta-firmware-1.x 64
(if it looks good, then)
upgrade-run-image upgrade http://bla-bla.tld/beta-firmware-1.x 64

Tip -> You may need to first do an upgrade-run-image revert (no reboot) to be able to upgrade if the repo versions match.

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