Convert AstLinux install files to VMware

Obsolete info with AstLinux 1.2.5 and later. Use the ISO Installer Image.

Prepare the image

You can convert an astlinux-XX.img file to a VMware .vmdk file and have a bootable system with a few simple steps.

  1. Download an AstLinux 'geni586' .img.gz file
  2. Decompress the image using gunzip, yielding a .img file
  3. Use the VBoxManage (CLI) utility (VirtualBox) to convert the image to a virtual disk


gunzip astlinux-1.2.3-asterisk-11.18.0.img.gz
VBoxManage convertfromraw -format VMDK astlinux-1.2.3-asterisk-11.18.0.img astlinux-1.2.3.vmdk

Here is the complete manual of the VBoxManage convertfromraw command.

Import the image in VMWare

Now we are ready to create a new VM in VMware 1):

  • VMware → New…
  • Create a custom virtual machine
  • Choose Operating System… “Linux → Other Linux 3.x kernel”
  • Choose a Virtual Disk… “Use an existing virtual disk” → Choose virtual disk… “astlinux-1.2.3.vmdk”
  • Finish, Customize Settings…

Then make custom Settings changes…

  Network Adapter: Bridged Networking (connect directly to the physical network)
  Processors & Memory: 2 processor cores (for fun) and 512 MB Memory
  Hard Disk: Disk size: 2.00 GB (enter), Advanced -> Bus Type: SCSI, check Pre-allocate disk space, then click Apply.
  Startup Disk: "Hard Disk (SCSI)"  (using "lsilogic" SCSI virtualDev)

The rest of the defaults should be OK.

Start the AstLinux Virtual Machine…

Finally, configure using the normal setup.

1) This was tested in 2012 with VMWare vSphere 5