GUI error messages

Backup failed

If you see this message when you try to perform a backup from the “System Tab”, this might be because there is not enough room in /tmp for the archive. To solve this using the GUI, check the following option:

“Prefs > System Tab Options > Backup temporary file uses /mnt/kd/ instead of /tmp/

No version available

When you perform any firmware operations from the “System” tab, this message will appear if the Astlinux box cannot determine the most up-to-date version available in the Astlinux firmware repository. While this might be caused by problems with the Astlinux repository itself, it is most likely that network problems are the cause. Check that your Astlinux box is properly connected to the internet.

Unable to find Runnix partition

This message can occur when you try to upgrade the firmware. There are two solutions:

  1. If you have physical access to the box, remove the CF card (or whatever storage media you use), and use another machine to give the VFAT partition the label RUNNIX
  2. Otherwise, prior to upgrading, manually mount the partition via the shell:
    mount -t vfat /dev/hdaX /oldroot/cdrom
    (usually hda1 on CF-based installations)

NOTE: This error normally only occurs with installations which have been successively upgraded from early 0.6 or older firmwares

Verification failed

This error can occur when trying to upgrade the firmware. It usually occurs because there is not enough space on the RUNNIX partition. Via the shell, navigate to /oldroot/cdrom/os and remove any unwanted firmware versions.

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