Fixing mismatched RUNNIX/AstLinux versions

  • To fix mismatched RUNNIX/AstLinux you need either serial or video console access
    • serial access with a crossover cable, baudrate 19200 8N1 or 38400 for Alix 2 boards.
    • video console will probably have US keyboard layout
  • The other way is to get out the CF from the box, put it in CF card reader and make the changes on another computer as you would do with a flash drive.

Before you start, look here for RUNNIX reference.

Remember AstLinux 0.7.x requires RUNNIX 0.3 and AstLinux 1.0.x requires RUNNIX 0.4.

Reboot and at the 'boot' prompt type “shell”. Then at the 'runnix#' prompt…

Display the RUNNIX Version

runnix# cat /mnt/base/ver

Display the AstLinux Version

runnix# cat /mnt/base/os/ver

Exit and reboot to a new 'boot' prompt.

runnix# exit

Reboot and at the 'boot' prompt type “xrunnix”.

The box should boot into 0.7.x and you should be able to access it to upgrade to AstLinux 1.0.x. After the upgrade, reboot and you should be good.

Reboot and at the 'boot' prompt type “shell”.

runnix# cd /mnt/base/os
runnix# ls *ver

You should see 'Xver' and 'ver'. “cat Xver” should be astlinux-0.7.x

You want to exchange these two files, so *exactly* type

runnix# mv ver Tver
runnix# mv Xver ver
runnix# mv Tver Xver
runnix# sync
runnix# exit

It should now boot into 0.7.x, after which you can upgrade both AstLinux and RUNNIX.

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