Upgrade from 0.4.x

FIXME Only a draft version, must be enhanced, corrected.

Please read UPGRADE.txt, changes-0.6 and changes-0.7 before you start.
If you are using mISDN with PCI cards please also read this.

Because there wasn't a WebGUI backup function in the 0.4.x releases, you could backup the content of your keydisk (/mnt/kd) over SSH:

cd /mnt; tar cf - kd | ssh user@hostpc "cat >Astlinux_KD.tar"

Then you are recommended to start fresh with a new Installation.

Remember in the 0.4.x versions Asterisk 1.2.x was used and now in Astlinux 0.7 Asterisk 1.4.x (starting with 1.4.28) is used – and a lot has changed. There is also a newer Linux version ( in 0.7 and many more structural changes. Re-using your old keydisk files from 0.4.x could therefore cause a lot of trouble.

It is therefore recommended manually to go through your configuration files from /mnt/kd, making any changes required to reflect the new kernel and Asterisk versions.