AstLinux 0.7.1 and later no longer includes sound files in the default image. This provides several benefits:

  1. The download image has been reduced (~25% smaller).
  2. Users can choose to install more than just the core sounds, or non-english sounds.
  3. For some users, better quality sound playback will be achieved. Additionally Asterisk 1.6 (and later) users can use g722 sounds.

Using the web interface, click on the System tab and view the Asterisk Sounds Packages section:

Asterisk Sounds

Select the package values (ex. core-english-ulaw), then select the action (ex. Upgrade/Install), then click on the Sounds Package button to perform the action. Usually a 'core' and 'moh' sound package using your native codec is all that is necessary, or at least a good start.
Note: The default “Sounds Pkg URL” currently supports English, Spanish and French. But you can set a different “Sounds Pkg URL” in the Prefs Tab at “System & Staff Tab Options” to install other (or your own) sounds.

Alternately, the CLI can be used to manage sounds packages:

To add the Core-English-ulaw Sound Package:

upgrade-asterisk-sounds upgrade core en ulaw

To add the Music-on-Hold ulaw Sound Package:

upgrade-asterisk-sounds upgrade moh en ulaw

To remove the Extras-French-alaw Sound Package:

upgrade-asterisk-sounds remove extra fr alaw

The available options for the upgrade-asterisk-sounds command are as follows:

Usage: upgrade-asterisk-sounds upgrade|remove|remove-all|show

Note -> The remove-all option will remove all files in the /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ and /var/lib/asterisk/moh/ directories! Most users will want to use the remove option instead.

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