Edit tab w/CodeMirror Keyboard Mapping

AstLinux now supports the versatile CodeMirror text editor, implemented in JavaScript for the browser. CodeMirror is now the default text editor within the AstLinux web interface Edit tab, but users may still use the standard HTML editor if they choose.

Note: AstLinux 1.3.7 or later is required

New options can be found under the Prefs tab → Edit tab Options:


Prefs Tab

Unchecking “CodeMirror Editor” will revert back to using the standard HTML editor.

The user may select a “Theme”, the [default] is colored text on a white background.

Tip -> Themes [solarized], [seti-mks] and [zenburn] are worth a look.

AstLinux Specific Keyboard Mapping

Toggle FullscreenTab

Fullscreen mode will make the text editing area use the full current window. Tab will toggle between the two states, very handy.
To insert a Tab (for spacing) within the editor window, you need to type Ctrl-Alt-Tab (on a Mac).

Exit FullscreenEsc

The natural key choice to return to normal mode. Only applies when in fullscreen mode.

Toggle CommentCtrl-/ or Ctrl-. (PC), Cmd-/ or Cmd-. (Mac)

Comment or un-comment the selected line(s) depending on the current comment state.

Standard CodeMirror Keyboard Mapping

Search Keys

Edit Keys

Edit Keys

Select Keys

Move Cursor Keys

Move Cursor Keys

Advanced Edit Keys

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