SMTP Local Aliases

There are situations where it is desirable to send an email to multiple recipients while the application only supports a single email address. Asterisk Voicemail Pager email is one such example.

SMTP Local Aliases can be used to map a local recipient (does not contain an '@') to a comma separated list of remote recipients (each contain an '@'). Think of it as local mail groups.

Note: AstLinux 1.2.0 or later is required

The SMTP Local Aliases feature is enabled when the file /mnt/kd/msmtp-aliases.conf exists and the “msmtp” service is started.

The /mnt/kd/msmtp-aliases.conf file must be initially created using the CLI, but may then be edited via the Network Tab or Edit Tab of the web interface.

Tip -> Changes to the /mnt/kd/msmtp-aliases.conf file may be performed without restarting the “msmtp” service for the changes to be applied.

Example /mnt/kd/msmtp-aliases.conf file:

## SMTP Local Aliases
## vm-list:,,
## default:



Tip -> The optional 'default' entry is a catchall for any local recipient not specified, if not defined the SMTP Mail Relay Server will be forced to handle any unspecified local recipients, just as when local aliases are not enabled.

Using the above example, if the Asterisk voicemail.conf (or Users Tab in the web interface) had the Email address of “vm-list” defined, voicemail attachments would be sent to the multiple remote recipients as specified.

It is useful to understand that only one email is sent to the SMTP Mail Relay Server, while multiple recipients are specified for the SMTP server to deliver.

Note: Monit email notification does not work with SMTP aliases! You need to define multiple “alert” entries in the Monit config.

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