Asterisk LTS Series Version

Note: Requires AstLinux 1.x

If you are using the “official” AstLinux repository, the Asterisk LTS (Long Term Support) series version supplied in the image is defined in the “Repository URL” path. Using the Web Interface, the “Repository URL” is defined in the Prefs tab.

Prefs Tab

System & Staff Tab Options:

For Asterisk 11 LTS series use: EOL, last available in AstLinux

Repository URL:

For Asterisk 13se LTS series use: Available in AstLinux 1.3.6 or later (Older than latest Asterisk 13.x version but more tested, built –without-pjproject)

Repository URL:

For Asterisk 13 LTS series use:

Repository URL:

For Asterisk 16 LTS series use: Available in AstLinux 1.3.6 or later

Repository URL:

Note → You must use an HTTP repository URL for systems older than AstLinux 1.2.7

For Example, if you are currently at “astlinux-1.2.3 - Asterisk 11.18.0” and want to change to “astlinux-1.2.3 - Asterisk 13.4.0”

– First –

Prefs Tab

System & Staff Tab Options:

Repository URL:

Click Save/Apply Preferences

– then –

System Tab

System Firmware Upgrade:

[ Check for New ] - Firmware - x Confirm

You are running the newest available version: astlinux-1.2.3

Note → A Revert is required here since we are switching Asterisk versions while using the same AstLinux version. If the latest AstLinux version was newer, the Revert is not necessary or suggested.

[ Revert to Previous ] - Firmware - x Confirm

[ Upgrade with New ] - Firmware - x Confirm

– apply new image –

Reboot/Restart System:

[ Now ] - Reboot - x Confirm

– wait for reboot –

Note → When changing Asterisk LTS series versions, be certain your Asterisk configuration is updated as well. Below are links to the “UPGRADE” documentation in the Asterisk project.

Upgrade Note for Asterisk 16 and earlier

Upgrade Note for Asterisk 13 and earlier

Asterisk Wiki - Asterisk Versions

Tip → Using the CLI, the files in the directory /stat/etc/asterisk/ contain the default sample configurations for the current Asterisk series version.