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Line 96: Line 96:
   write = all   write = all
   writetimeout = 1000   writetimeout = 1000
-  eventfilter=!Event: ​RTCPSent¬†+  eventfilter=!Event: ​RTCP*
-  eventfilter=!Event:​ RTCPReceived+
   eventfilter=!Event:​ VarSet   eventfilter=!Event:​ VarSet
   eventfilter=!Event:​ Cdr   eventfilter=!Event:​ Cdr
 +  eventfilter=!Event:​ DTMF
 +  eventfilter=!Event:​ AGIExec
   eventfilter=!Event:​ ExtensionStatus   eventfilter=!Event:​ ExtensionStatus
   eventfilter=!Event:​ ChannelUpdate   eventfilter=!Event:​ ChannelUpdate
 +  eventfilter=!Event:​ ChallengeSent
 +  eventfilter=!Event:​ SuccessfulAuth
 +  eventfilter=!Event:​ HangupRequest
 +  eventfilter=!Event:​ SoftHangupRequest
 +  eventfilter=!Event:​ NewAccountCode
 +  eventfilter=!Event:​ MusicOnHold
 +  eventfilter=!Event:​ LocalBridge
 Also, Edit the ''/​etc/​asterisk/​sip.conf''​ file and enable callevents: Also, Edit the ''/​etc/​asterisk/​sip.conf''​ file and enable callevents: