DHCP-Server on the external interface (EXTIF)

Note: AstLinux 1.1.1 or later is required

There is a simple way to use dnsmasq as a DHCP-server on the external interface (EXTIF), or if you have only one NIC (e.g. in a VM), you need to add the following variable in your user.conf:


If you need a different DHCP range than the default (100-220), you also need add it to your user.conf as usual e.g.:


If you need other DHCP values that differ from the defaults1), you can add them as usual in dnsmasq.static. Example:



If you use the firewall (AIF), you'll need to open the respective ports for the services you'd like to allow
(e.g. TFTP, NTP) with “Pass EXT→Local”. DHCP traffic is automatically allowed through the EXTDHCP variable.

Note -> If you require this feature for an older version of AstLinux, there is also another more complicated way.

look at the “dhcp-option” values in “/etc/dnsmasq.conf” in the System Tab
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