Redfone foneBRIDGE2

Note: This page is outdated!

For AstLinux 1.0.4+ there is a custom build option to provide experimental support for the Redfone foneBRIDGE2 PRI-to-Ethernet bridges in AstLinux.

The standard installation + configuration procedures are described at the Redfone support page1).

Update (2017-10-26): I found a new download page for the tools on Github

Redfone suggests to setup an own dedicated LAN between the fonebridge and your AstLinux box, where the TDM-over-Ethernet traffic runs.

In AstLinux you don't need to install anything, you just need to to create a correct redfone.conf and put it into /mnt/kd/ (as usual in AstLinux), and also setup /mnt/kd/dahdi/system.conf to reflect that. An example redfone.conf is provided in /stat/etc/redfone.conf.sample. If you use 2 fonebridges create an /mnt/kd/redfone2.conf as well. You can edit all files in the WebGUI after creation.

The needed drivers are included by default in DAHDI. You just need to to set:

DAHDIMODS="dahdi_dynamic dahdi_dynamic_ethmf"  

The Redfone tools fonulator and fb_flash_util are also included within AstLinux (custom build).

Normally you would store the configuration permanent into the foneBRIDGE with the fonulator utility (–write-config). If you want to configure your foneBRIDGE(s) on every boot, you can set the


option in your user.conf.

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