Bmax B1 Plus/Pro Celeron N3350/N4000 Fanless Mini PC

Note: AstLinux 1.5.0 or later is recommended

Board Specifications:

The Bmax B1 Plus/Pro Mini PC currently (November 2023) can be purchased new for ~$100 USD. The value proposition is key, running AstLinux quite nicely, albeit with a single ethernet interface. Alternatively, similarly priced Mini PCs with SATA storage or reused thin clients may have a similar setup and configuration.

AstLinux Board Type:

  • “genx86_64” (Video Console: VGA)

Complete System Recommended Options:

  • Storage: M.2 type 2280 SATA SSD (Silicon Power 128GB A55 or similar)

Total System Power (no VGA/HDMI connection): 3 Watts when idle.

Performance (B1 Plus): 16.9 secs. (Single-core test, lower is better)
Performance (B1 Pro): 12.7 secs. (Single-core test, lower is better)

time ( echo "scale=3456; 4*a(1)" | bc -l )

BTW: The BMAX works fine with this type of PoE-splitter (12V/2A) incl. Wake-on-LAN on a PoE-switch:




## Optional USB TTY serial login

More Info -> USB TTY Serial Login


# libsensors configuration file
# -----------------------------
# Bmax B1 Plus/Pro

# coretemp CPU sensor

BIOS Setup for Auto Power On:

On startup (quickly) press the <ESC> or <DEL> key (many times) to enter the BIOS Setup, go to the “Chipset” tab. Make the following changes…

  • HD-Audio Support → Disable
  • SCC eMMC Support → Disable
  • WIFI Support → Disable (no setting on B1 Pro)
  • Bluetooth Support → Disable (no setting on B1 Pro)
  • Auto Power On Configuration → Power On

Important -> Disabling eMMC support will prevent booting to Windows.

The results should look like the following screen…

BIOS Chipset Tab

BIOS Setup for OS Selection:

Without this next change, the Power Button will not poweroff when pressed. Assuming you want this feature

While in the BIOS Setup as above, go to the “Chipset” → “South Bridge” menu…

  • OS Selection → Intel Linux

BIOS OS Selection

Save the above BIOS changes, reboot.

Optional, with Intel Linux enabled, choose whether UEFI or Legacy boot is enabled (example: UEFI only), go to the “Advanced” → “CSM Configuration” menu…

  • Boot option filter → UEFI only

The results would look like the following screen…

BIOS UEFI/Legacy Boot

Save the above BIOS changes, reboot.

Disable CPU C-states: (Optional)

Requires AstLinux 1.5.0 or later

Using the CLI, enter the command:

set-kcmd-cstate help

Read over the help information, if you want to disable C-states, then…

set-kcmd-cstate disable

Tip -> An added benefit to disabling C-states, it eliminates the high-pitched squeal at idle.


Front and Sides


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