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Serial Console speed/tty

The AstLinux board type of “geni586-serial” assumes a serial console of 19200 baud on /dev/ttyS0 . Described here is a method to change the serial console speed/tty, not only currently but also automatically after upgrades.

This applies to the board type of “geni586-serial” and all other serial console board types, “net5501”, “alix”, etc. .

Note: AstLinux 1.0.4 or later is required

After setting-up AstLinux and creating the persistent storage, the setconsole-speed-tty command is used to make persistent changes to the serial console speed/tty settings.


Usage: setconsole-speed-tty [ show|reset|help ] 9600|19200|38400|57600|115200 [ ttySn ]

To issue this command you must either SSH into the AstLinux box, or use the CLI tab in the web interface with the “CLI Proxy Server” enabled in the Network tab. Some example command arguments are:

Set console speed to 38400 baud, using default ttyS0

setconsole-speed-tty 38400

Set console speed to 115200 baud, using /dev/ttyS1

setconsole-speed-tty 115200 ttyS1

Display current settings

setconsole-speed-tty show

Reset /etc/inittab to default factory state with matching kernel console= values

setconsole-speed-tty reset

While this setconsole-speed-tty command is mostly intended for the board type of “geni586-serial” so as to support additional hardware without requiring new board types, this command may also be useful for other board types. For example, suppose you have both Soekris net5501 (19200 baud default) and PC Engines alix (38400 baud default) hardware and want a common terminal to as a console. The net5501 can have it's default console speed easily changed via it's BIOS to 38400 baud, and then issue setconsole-speed-tty 38400 on the net5501. Now both the net5501 and alix boxes will use serial consoles at 38400 baud.