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Serial Console speed/tty

The AstLinux board type of “geni586-serial” assumes a serial console of 19200 baud on /dev/ttyS0 . Described here is a method to change the serial console speed/tty, not only currently but also automatically after upgrades.

This applies to the board type of “geni586-serial” and all other serial console board types, “net5501”, “alix”, etc. .

Note: AstLinux 1.0.4 or later is required

After setting-up AstLinux and creating the persistent storage, the setconsole-speed-tty command is used to make changes to the serial console speed/tty settings.

Usage: setconsole-speed-tty [ show|reset|help ] 9600|19200|38400|57600|115200 [ ttySn ]

Set console speed to 38400 baud, using default ttyS0

setconsole-speed-tty 38400

Set console speed to 115200 baud, using /dev/ttyS1

setconsole-speed-tty 115200 ttyS1

Display current settings

setconsole-speed-tty show

Reset /etc/inittab to default factory state with matching kernel console= values

setconsole-speed-tty reset