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 ====== Asterisk Flash Operator Panel 2 ====== ====== Asterisk Flash Operator Panel 2 ======
-===== About Asterisk FOP2 =====+[[http://​www.fop2.com/​|FOP2]] is a web application for the Asterisk PBX. The FOP2 developers created the first panel for Asterisk ​in 2004, and is the most widely used operator console.  ​FOP2 uses Adobe Flash or HTML5 websockets for synchronous data gathering and Ajax for the user interface.
-[[tt_asterisk-fop2-about|About Asterisk FOP2]]+In the spirit of the original Open Source FOP version, FOP2 is free for up to 15 buttons, unlimited buttons and other features may be unlocked with a [[http://www.fop2.com/​buy.php|paid license]].
-===== Install FOP2 Add-On Package =====+!!Note: AstLinux 1.1.3 or later is required!!
-[[tt_asterisk-fop2-install|Install FOP2 Add-On Package]] 
-===== Configure ​Asterisk ​FOP2 =====+**[[tt_asterisk-fop2-install|Install FOP2 Add-On Package]]** 
 +**[[tt_asterisk-fop2-upgrade|Upgrade FOP2 Add-On Package]]** 
 +**[[tt_asterisk-fop2-configure-users|Configure FOP2 Users]]** 
 +**[[tt_asterisk-fop2-configure|Configure FOP2 Buttons]]** 
 +**[[tt_asterisk-fop2-ssl|SSL/​HTTPS with FOP2]]** 
 +**[[tt_asterisk-fop2-tutorials|FOP2 Video Tutorials]]**
-[[tt_asterisk-fop2-configure|Configure Asterisk FOP2]]